July 5, 2022

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There’s a critical intersection between marketing and sales

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Ideally, there is a well-defined, symbiotic and logically-interfaced relationship between a company’s marketing and sales departments. However, in real life, this doesn’t always play out that way. The gray area between marketing and sales is getting increasingly “grayer,” with this widening gap creating angst and dysfunction within many organizations.

Because many marketers are now subject to increasing revenue accountability, they often find themselves competing with their own sales departments as to who claims responsibility for a sale of the company’s product or service.

In this age of increasing budget justifications, both marketing and sales staffs are being asked to do more with less – a trend which has at times pushed these two functions into each other’s “swim lanes.”  In some (especially smaller) companies it isn’t unusual for an outside sales associate to generate his/her own leads and pursue them single-handedly to the finish line. Or conversely, smart marketers, with an entire digital kingdom at their fingertips, can generate and actually close prospects, exclusively using the vast array of digital technologies in their arsenal in order to do so.