September 25, 2022

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New online marketplace for independent jewellers readies for launch

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Boutee, a centralised ecommerce marketplace focused solely on jewellery from the UK’s best jewellers, is preparing to launch with the aim of helping independent retailers to compete online and reach a larger market.

The team behind Boutee said it is passionate about making sure that the British independent jewellery industry is able to capitalise on market shifts and compete with the biggest brands.

Aiming to operate in the same way as marketplaces like Ebay and Etsy; each jeweller listed on Boutee will be responsible for holding stock and fulfilling orders.

Every jeweller on the platform will have its own fully customised, branded storefront, where its products can be found and browsed.

Any independent jeweller based in the UK which has its own workshop is eligible to apply to sell via Boutee, with the platform committed to providing those businesses with a “complete end-to-end service” including writing product descriptions, editing photos and uploading, saving the retailer both time and money.

Boutee is the brainchild of two brothers Billy and Ethan Ward together with their lifelong friend Sarah Ottewill.

Sarah’s dad Steve founded Ottewill’s Silversmiths & Jewellers, but closed the jewellery side of his business as he couldn’t generate enough sales and didn’t have a big enough marketing budget to compete online to attract new customers, which inspired the idea for Boutee.

Co-founder Billy Ward explained: “Small independent jewellers often find it hard to keep pace with the rapid market shift into eCommerce.

“They may not have competitive marketing budgets or expertise to take advantage of the rapidly growing eCommerce market. We’ve grown up surrounded by the industry and we’re excited to start making a difference.”

Boutee’s pricing structure works by taking a commission of 14% on each sale generated through the site and there is also a £10 fixed fee for each product upload and a £179 cost to build a dedicated storefront on the site.

The business is also committed to a sustainable future for the jewellery industry and with the help of its partners Ecologi, Boutee will offset the carbon footprint of every sale made by planting trees in Kenya and the Amazon rainforest.  The platform has also started on the journey towards becoming a B-Corp business.

According to Ward, Boutee already has a number of jewellers committed to the platform and will officially launch once it has around 25 retailers on board with approximately 500 products listed on the site.

To find out more information or to register your interest in Boutee, visit

New online marketplace for independent jewellers readies for launch