July 5, 2022

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Greenkeeper Salaries Down For Second Consecutive Year – Survey Finds

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Being a greenkeeper is an extremely tough job – unpredictable weather conditions, limited running costs and sometimes lack of staff are just some of the problems they face on a regular basis.   

Moreover, in a recent survey conducted by Hillier Hopkins, it seems that their pay is also reducing, with head greenkeeper remuneration packages at ‘members’ clubs falling for the second successive year. The proportion earning in excess of £50,000 reduced from 29% in 2019 to 24% last year, then again to just 21% in 2021.

It’s not much better at ‘proprietary’ clubs, with the head greenkeeper’s remuneration package also lower than that of previous years. In 2019, all were in the £35-£45,000 range. In 2020, 17% were even in the £50,000+ plus range. However, this year, over half (52%) are now earning between £25-£35,000.

Greenkeepers gets the course ready

Greenkeepers prepare the Old Course before The Alfred Dunhill Links Championship

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Currently, an average greenkeeper’s salary in the UK is £20,000 per year, around £10.26 per hour, some £6,000 less than the average salary in the UK which, in 2021, stood at £25,971. It is also worth noting that entry level positions start at around £17,955 per year, whilst the most experienced workers can make up to £26,500 per year.