July 3, 2022

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Carbon pricing would reduce emissions, boost economy

It appears that the Clean Electricity Performance Programis unlikely to be part of President Joe Biden’s climate change legislation. This program would have paid electric utility companies that switch to renewable energy sources and fined those utilities that do not. Fortunately, there are still tools available to make progress on climate change.

A strong, economy-wide price on carbon could reduce America’s carbon pollution by 50% by 2030, putting us on track to reach net zero by 2050. Carbon pricing is a fiscally responsible option and will encourage innovation in renewable energy sources. A carbon fee will incentivize innovation by businesses, creating millions of new jobs that will transform our economy. We can solve climate change with a policy that is revenue-neutral and won’t grow the government.

The time is now for the country to take meaningful action on climate. Please call or write your senators to ask that they include a price on carbon in climate change legislation.

Sheila Brown, Evanston

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Officers’ refusal to get vaccinated about power and control

The FOP president has openly said that defying the city vaccine mandate is about no one telling cops what to do. The comments we’re hearing are about power and control, two things that cops love to throw around when they are the ones doing the enforcing. I have news for the FOP, in a democratic society everyone has to answer, especially those in power. And if your job is in public service then you have to what is best for the public. Your personal concerns come second. No one wants teachers carrying polio, hospital workers spreading smallpox or a traffic stop giving someone COVID-19. If you can’t find your way to get a free, safe vaccine that will keep everyone safer, then you should find another job.

Timothy Haugh, Morgan Park

Federal marijuana legislation creates local headaches

The federal law regards marijuana a malicious substance and its users criminals. But 19 states legalized it, and many more states have allowed marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Why the contradiction? Simply because Richard Nixon decided to criminalize marijuana so he could use the law to harass Vietnam War protesters in the 1970s. Now the banks refuse to process credit transactions for pot shops, a clear nuisance that should have never happened.

Lee Knohl, Evanston